Postdoctoral Fellow - Systems Immunology

We are looking to appoint a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow interested in systems immunology to join Menna Clatworthy’s group at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, working closely with Sarah Teichmann’s lab.

About the Role:

You will lead a project focused on understanding tissue immunity in the kidney, working with colleagues in the Teichmann Lab.  This project is part of the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation-supported Kidney Seed Network , and international collaboration aimed at generating a comprehensive human kidney cell atlas across lifespan.

About Us:

Our research is focused on understanding what type of immune cells live within different organs in humans, and how the special environment within each tissues affects their function. We are particularly interested in the kidney and urinary tract. This research is part of the Human Cell Atlas initiative, which has set out to create a comprehensive reference map of all human cells as the basis for understanding human health and diagnosing, monitoring and treating disease. We are also interested in how immunity changes over lifespan, and how age-associated changes contribute to the development of chronic kidney disease.  Menna also has a lab based at the University of Cambridge where they conduct complementary research

About You:

You will have an immunology background, the ability to understand biologically and translationally important questions, and experience in bioinformatics or a strong interest in developing computational skills. You must be familiar with genomics, and will play a vital role in writing up studies. You will have a great opportunity to be embedded in a large community of internationally-leading immunologists and computational scientists. You will be integrated in the Clatworthy lab, a highly collaborative, international work environment with colleagues who have a wealth of experience in single-cell and spatial data production, analysis and methods development

As a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cellular Genetics Programme, you will be joining a collaborative and cutting-edge environment. The Programme encourages everyone to network and to showcase their research, including at our weekly seminar series. In addition to support from the Sanger core areas of Scientific Operations, Management Operations and ICT, within the Programme the Cellular Genetics Operations teams provide comprehensive multidisciplinary support to help with everything from processing samples, delivering analysis pipelines, to assistance with fellowship applications. The Sanger Institute also supports PDFs by offering various training opportunities, chances to network, and has a PDF committee in place to ensure our PDFs are supported throughout their posts.



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Job Logo
Athena Swan
Salary per annum
Full Time, Part Time, Flexible Working
Full Time
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Contract Length
2 years
Job Reference

Essential Skills

Technical Skills:

  • PhD in relevant discipline (e.g. Immunology, immunogenetics, Systems immunology, Computational Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics)
  • Proven understanding and experience in the fields of immunology and/or genomics.
  • Some experience of transcriptomic data processing and analysis
  • Some experience in Single Cell Analysis and Spatial Genomics Tools
  • Good academic and publication record

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Motivation and ambition to make a personal contribution to GRL research 
  • Excellent communication skills to allow efficient interactions with collaborators 
  • Team player with the ability to work with others in a collegiate and collaborative environment 
  • Ability to effectively prioritise, multi-task and work independently
  • Demonstrates inclusivity and respect for all 

Other information

Application Process:

Please apply with your CV and a cover letter outlining how you meet the criteria set out above and in the job description.

This is a rolling advert, we will consider applications and hold interviews on an ongoing basis and the role will close when a successful appointment has been made.